The art and inspirations of Renee Castro

pretty much

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"Cross my heart" ink, graphite, watercolor and acrylic paint on paper. Renee Castro 2013  instagram: @ladyreniart
"Manos De Tijera" Ink, acrylic paint, watercolor and graphite on watercolor paper.
Ace of Hearts painting I did back in 2010.
'Wonder…' Ink, acrylic paint, watercolor and gold leaf on watercolor paper. 12”x12” -Renee Castro 2013. For an upcoming artshow at Driftwood art Salon in SF, January 19th. 
instagram: #ladyreniart
Me after getting out the hospital..
inspiring my new painting…

inspiring my new painting…

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"Black Dahlia"- Ink, acrylic paint, graphite and watercolor on watercolor paper. 18"x24". Renee Castro
"Broken Hearted" ink, acrylic paint, graphite, wood stain and gold leaf on skateboard. Renee Castro